Harmonicorum libri (Marsenne)



Harmonicorum libri (Marsenne)
Harmonicorum instrumentorum libri IV

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F. Marini Mersenni ordinis Minim. Harmonicorum libri in quibus agitur de sonorum natura causis et effectibus de consonantiis, dissonantiis, rationibus, generibus, modis, cantibus, compositione, orbisque totius harmonicis instrumentis


Marin Marsenne (1588 - 1648)


Sumptibus Gvillelmi Baudry, Lvtetiæ Parisiorvm


1635 (Worldcat)




Bibliothèque nationale de France: Paris, France.

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One of the fundamental sources in the history of music theory.

"The first sketches appeared in the Traité de l’harmonie universelle (1627), Questions harmoniques (1634), and Les préludes de l’harmonie universelle (1634). Meanwhile, by 1629 Mersenne had planned and soon afterward began writing simultaneously two sets of treatises, in French and in Latin, which together form his great systematic work and were published as the two parts of Harmonie universelle, contenant la théorie et la pratique de la musique (1636, 1637), and the eight books of Harmonicorum libri with Harmonicorum instrumentorum libri IV (1636)."

"Mersenne, Marin ." Complete Dictionary of Scientific Biography. . Encyclopedia.com. (December 11, 2023). https://www.encyclopedia.com/science/dictionaries-thesauruses-pictures-and-press-releases/mersenne-marin

Original: Latin

Horum autem sonis Tympani H I K sonitum adiungunt: quod & à veteribus cum Cymbalis A B C D, & G E F à Pignorio descriptis factum esse, iamque fieri cum Cymbalis vulgaribus A B C sequente paginâ expressis notum est, quorum quinque annuli moueturur ope baculi ferrei D E, vt percutiant letera Trianguli. Quod ad Castagnetas attinet, adhiberisolent Hispanicx Citharae, quanquam aliqui satis seleciter, atuqe iucundè saltant ad solum cantum

Translation: English
And to these sounds they add the sound of the Tympanum H I K: that it was done with the old cymbals A B C D, & G E F described by Pignorio, and it is now known to be done with the vulgar cymbals A B C expressed on the following page, the five rings of which are moved with the help of an iron staff D E, that is to say the letters of the Triangle.


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