Welcome to the Triangle Research Hub. For years I have enjoyed collecting, researching, cataloging, and indexing triangle iconography. This site serves to share and make publicly available my database of triangle iconography and related material in a non-profit non-commercial research effort. My research is the macrohistory of the triangle and is an ongoing effort to index all known triangle iconography up to the year 1899. As a research “hub”, the site also includes educational and historical material pertaining to the triangle.

My primary goal for this site is for users to see the images and have an enjoyable experience interacting with  the site. To that end I have included tags that help further describe and connect the items. I have also included geolocation maps that locate either the place of creation, or the last known location. Users will also find a brief abstract description of the triangle within each item. The images are organized into categories by medium (paintings, stained glass, tapestries, etc.) with miscellaneous categories as well.  Timelines are also incorporated showing progression through history.

For those having a scholarly interest in the triangle, the database can provide a starting place for further studies in iconology, organology, performance practice, and various topics of music in art.

My goal is to provide enough information to identify the iconography, locate it, and then pursue further research. Indeed, each item listed is worthy of individual study, and could be a research project in and of itself.

This site is an ongoing research effort and as such I am continually adding items and materials. So whether you are a triangle player, enthusiast, student, or scholar, I hope you enjoy the Triangle Research Hub and visit often.

- Mark Berry      

COUNTDOWN:  1,000+ images/items - coming soon.

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